1. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held during the Northeast Area Rally. Should the Northeast Area Rally be cancelled because of an FMCA International Convention being held in the Area, the meeting shall be held at the Convention. Should the Northeast Area Rally be cancelled for any other reason the meeting shall be held at a time and place determined by the Executive Board and duly announced in accordance with the bylaws.(Bylaws ref. Article VI)

  2. In addition to the Senior Vice President, the Executive Board will be comprised of 4 Vice Presidents without any specific designation. Their duties will be determined by the President. (Bylaws ref. Article II,1)

  3. In even numbered years the terms of the following officers will expire: Senior Vice President, Secretary, and One Vice President. In odd numbered years the terms to expire will be the Treasurer and Three Vice Presidents (Bylaws ref. Article II, 3)

  4. Any vacant position, or position filled temporarily by the Executive Board will, at the time of the Annual Meeting by filled for the remaining portion of the term for that position during the elections by the Association Board. (Bylaws ref. Article II, 3, 9; Article VII)

  5. Duties of Northeast Motorhome Association Officers shall be based on the descriptions of Chapter Officers’ duties as indicated in FMCA Member and Volunteer Handbook. (Bylaws ref. Article VIII)

  6. There shall be no dues or assessments payable by members or chapters.

  7. The dates of the Northeast Area Rally shall be established by the Executive Board and announced to the chapters as early as possible. Any additional rallies or events require approval of the board. (Bylaws ref. Article 1,3)

  8. The President, who is the FMCA AREA VICE PRESIDENT, shall together with one other officer have the authority to enter into agreements and sign any contracts necessary for the production of the Northeast Area Rally. (Bylaws ref. Article II, 8)

(rev. 8/2011)

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